You may download the current (0.0.6) ready-to-run version of Ultima VII: Revisited here. After downloading and unzipping, you will need to provide the original Ultima VII files and put them in the Data/U7 folder in order for the program to run properly.


Ultima VII: Revisited is an open-source software project and is hosted on GitHub. I promise I have done my absolute best to make sure it’s as easy as possible for you to grab and build this project.

The current procedure is:

  • Grab the U7Revisited project from GitHub.
  • Open the U7Revisited project in Visual Studio 2022 and build it. Make sure you are building for x64.
  • Copy the entire contents of the original Ultima7 game folder to your U7Revisited/Redist/Data/U7 folder. This will allow U7Revisited to grab the original game files it needs.
  • Run U7Revisited from the compiler or the executable that has been copied to the Redist folder.

This is my first GitHub-available project and I’m sure I could improve it. Have ideas how? Shoot them at!